Sean Duffy

Personal Profile

I am a highly motivated software engineer studying my third year of Computer Science (MEng) at the University of York. I have a keen interest in technology and enjoy learning about both software and hardware. I am determined and able to adapt to a multitude of different applications. I am always ready to learn new skills or apply my current knowledge and expertise to new situations.

Education & Qualifications

University of York 2013 - Current

Third Year Overall Result: 63%
Second Year Overall Result: 72%
First Year Overall Result: 77%

Liverpool Blue Coat School (Sixth Form) 2011 - 2013

A Level Mathematics A
A Level Computing A
A Level Physics B
A Level General Studies C
AS Level Music C

Broadgreen International School 2006 - 2011

GCSEs 1 A*, 7 A, 1 B, 1 C

Extra-curricular Achievements

Chief Scout's Diamond Award
ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory
ABRSM Grade 6 Classical Guitar
Coursera - Computational Investing, Part I (Course Info)
Udacity - Artificial Intelligence for Robotics (Course Info) In Progress


Morgan Stanley - Summer Analyst 2016

In 2016 I completed a second summer internship programme at Morgan Stanley, where I was based in a team responsible for the development of a Sales and Trading application. I created a microservice for accessing and modifying symbol data using C# and the .NET Web API. I also made use of continuous integration and test driven development.

Morgan Stanley - Summer Analyst 2015

I spent ten weeks on a Technology and Data summer internship programme at Morgan Stanley in London, working in the Application Support Group for FX. I was able to gain an understanding of both the technical and business sides of their FX trading systems, and came across new technologies such as kdb+. My main project was a tool written in Perl that allowed members of the support group to track the flow of orders through the trading system in order to diagnose problems.

ScraperWiki - Software Development 2013, 2014

I worked at ScraperWiki for six weeks in 2013 and ten weeks in 2014. I created web-based screen scraping tools with Python and Javascript. I was also involved in work on the platform backend, writing file streaming software in Go and optimising it to run in memory and time constraints. ScraperWiki follows the principles of Agile Software Development and Extreme Programming, so I participated in pair programming, stand-up meetings, and retrospectives and regularly demoed and deployed my work.

Aquarium Software - Technical Support 2012

I spent two weeks at Aquarium Software, where my role was to respond to support tickets from clients. I also spent some time with the developers of Aquarium, who gave me an introduction to the technologies behind the software and introduced me to C#, which I used along with the .NET Framework to develop a small project.

University of Liverpool - Research Assistant 2012

Worked for two weeks with a group researching the development of a rectification device capable of operating in the terahertz frequency range. I operated optical and electrical measurement apparatus, as well as conducting analysis of the data produced by these instruments.

Taskers PLC - IT Support 2010

I took a work experience placement for two weeks at Taskers PLC. My responsibilities included installing software, configuring new computers, setting up new hardware, updating device firmware and other miscellaneous tasks.

Skills & Expertise

I am comfortable with Python, Perl, Java, Ruby, JavaScript, Go, C and PHP. I use the OS X and Linux operating systems on a regular basis and also have experience with Windows systems. I can develop dynamic websites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript and jQuery and have good knowledge of the Django and Ruby on Rails web frameworks. I keep all non-trivial code under version control and have experience working in a small team and following Agile Software Development. I understand how to optimise software for time and memory constraints. Some examples of code I have written can be found on my GitHub page.

Hobbies and Interests

In my spare time I enjoy reading and playing the guitar and piano. I also have an interest in remote control vehicles, and have built my own quadcopter. I am an active committee member of my University's Outdoor Society, which arranges walks in Yorkshire and the surrounding counties each sunday.


Anna Bramwell-Dicks
Dept. of Computer Science
Deramore Lane
University of York
York YO10 5GH

+44 (0)1904 325608